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  • Core Rules - as © by Chaosium, Inc. in 1980, 1981
  •  BaSIC - the French expanded version of the BRPS (includes rules for fire arms, magic, etc.) as © by Multisim and Casus Belli
  •  BaSIC - the same as the previous one in HTML format
  •  Italian Translation of the core rules
  • Basic Role Playing: The Chaosium System, the 2002 Version of the Core Rules
  • RuneQuest
  • Worlds of Wonder - as © by Chaosium, Inc. in 1982

  •  BaSIC Chine Impériale - an Imperial China setting with additional rules (Qi skills, Wushu combat, etc.)
  •  BaSIC Vent des Steppes - an addition to the previous setting for playing the Nomads of Inner Asia
  •  Uruk - an historical setting for playing in ancient Mesopotamia
  •  Atrilia - an Arabian Nights setting with a full set of rules (new skills, Magic, creatures, etc.)
  •  BaSIC Donjons et Dragons - a Swords & Sorcery setting with that special 70's feeling

  •  BaZAR, the Basic RPS web-zine
  • Links to Conversion engines, Gaming aids, Settings for the Basic RPS on the internet.
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